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"My partner knows I am there NOW…"

My thickness is bigger and the volume of my ejaculation too… my companion knows that I am capable NOW! We have been seeing each other for 5 years now. I guess old stuff get monotonous… however new things produce charm! Yeah!

-Carl D. Ingram, Luling, Louisiana

My partner knows I am there NOW

"My erections now last for a longer time…"

I can have a very strong erection for a longer time… better orgasms… and it occurred any time I wanted it to!

-Marco Gonzalez, Minnesota

My erections now last for a longer time

"My girlfriend felt it and she was happy…"

Even my girlfriend observed and SHE WAS Stunned. I mean it really became thicker and while I cum it feels wonderful… better than before and it makes me cum a lot more.

-Aaron Stover, Jr.

My girlfriend felt it and she was happy

"Now mine points out and slightly up…"

At 70 years of age I have penile erections like a 30-year old man! They say at 20 it goes up at 40 it points outwards and at 60 it goes down… now my points out and a little up! VigRX is amazing!

-Norris Peterson, Brainerd, Minnesota

Now mine points out and slightly up

"It gets up fast and solid… extremely powerful!"

After week one I noticed nothing but on week two I achieved more powerful, fuller erections. Typically it requires some time to have an erection however with the help of VigRX Plus it comes quick and solid… Incredibly powerful!

-Emeks Nwosu, Mattapan, Massachusetts

It gets up fast and solid… extremely powerful

"I become hornier than a teen…"

I experienced an increase in sexual feelings as well as prolonger ejaculation… I feel hornier than an adolescent!

-Richard Mahon, New York, NY

I become hornier than a teen

"Increase in the solidity…"

I only used it for 2 weeks and already see an increase in the solidity of my penis!

-Sam Alkayali, Tampa, Florida

Increase in the solidity

"A major boost in my sex drive…"

I’ve been taking the supplement for one week now and have observed a considerable increase in my sex drive. Plus I can sustain an erection for a good deal longer than previously!

-Joshua Spine, West Palm Beach, Florida

A major boost in my sex drive

"I simply think about sex…"

I have been using VigRX Plus for 3 months now. I am very satisfied with the results so far. My penile erections are more powerful, stronger and my ejaculate release is overwhelming to say the least! My sexual desire has improved very much. Also my sexual sensitivity is awesome… all I have to do is think something like having sex with my wife and I 'man reaction'… also know as an erection!

-Joao Pereira, New Haven, Connecticut

I simply think about sex

"I have as well experienced erections becomes easier and keep up for a longer time…"

I experienced a rise in thickness when erect. I have also experienced penile erections come quicker and continue for a longer time. I look ahead to the continual enhanced and staying power!

-Michael T. Pope, McCalla, Alabama

I have as well experienced erections

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graph VigRX Plus
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graph VigRX Plus
graph VigRX Plus
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graph VigRX Plus
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I last for practically 1 hour…

"I last for practically 1 hour…"

Well before I started taking your supplement I every time climaxed in just seconds. Ever since I began taking VigRX Plus I last for almost 1 hour… that’s great!

-Johnny Bodley, Safford, Alabama

I woke up having an erection

"I woke up having an erection…"

After ten days I had an erection upon waking up… something that has NOT occurred in a long time!

-Scott Sorenson, Albert Lea, Minnesota

Sexual stamina has improved significantly

"Sexual stamina has improved significantly…"

Sexual interest as well as stamina has gone up notably while using VigRX Plus on a daily basis… I am prepared to function at any time I feel like!

-James Ingram, Bear, Delaware

best enhancement product…

"Since then I noticed it was the best enhancement product…"

The very first day I used 2 pills and it so happened that I had sex that night. Felt it would never end… she asked me to stop! From that moment then I knew it definitely is the perfect enhancement product I have taken. It was long and solid and I have been using it for one month and achieve the same thing everytime!

-Greg Haywood, Lauderdale Lanes, Florida

More powerful and fuller erections every time I want

"More powerful and fuller erections every time I want…"

I attain a lot harder and fuller penile erections on demand and my libido has gone up!

-Michael Gabriele, Wantagh, New York

Has increased by 10%

"Has increased by 10%…"

I recently started using VigRX Plus 2 weeks ago and my girth and hardness has improved by 10%!

-Phil Verolla, Lake Worth, Florida

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Now my dick ring is too small

"Now my dick ring is too small…"

Girth is improving and now my dick ring is too small! I have had to make use of the last setting so I see I am thicker.

-William Troxel, Piney Flats, Tennessee

My penile erection is twice as firm

"My penile erection is twice as firm…"

I’ve user VigRX Plus for one month now and I’ve noticed that my erection is twice as solid and stays that way for longer.

-Jason Quinones, West Palm Beach, FL

I am so much happy with VigRX Plus

"I am so much happy with VigRX Plus…"

I have a good deal more stamina and my bedroom life has improved 100%. I am greatly happy with VigRX Plus and my partner too!

-Lonnie Jones, Stearns, KY

During the first week

"During the first week…"

I observed size in the first 7 days and much more so in six weeks!

-Ari Bailey, Lexington, PA

An increase in sperm amount

"An increase in sperm amount…"

I noticed a boost in semen amount as well as penile thickness!

-Angel R. Thomas, Boston, MA

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